Steve's Older Works


The World RecalledFt. Wayne, IN / Denver, CO: Wormhole Books, 2004. Chapbook.

A man lives his life in reverse through a series of poetic and surrealistic episodes. Copiously illustrated by the author.








In These Final Days of SalesWinner, Bram Stoker Award, 2001

"[An] enigmatic but strangely beautiful, surreal yet personal journey through a life of self-salesmanship." -- Chizine








City FishingSeattle: Silver Salamander Press, 2000. Hardcover, leather-bound, and paperback editions.

Nominated for the Bram Stoker Award

Winner, International Horror Guild Award, 2000

"The major collection his work has long deserved." -- The Denver Post

"You're in for a treat!" -- Douglas Clegg

"No critical analysis seems adequate to describe the twisted realities and unexpected terrors summoned by his fiction." -- William P. Simmons, Horrorfind

"City Fishing constitutes a major work both in content and in sheer mass . . . While a master of nuance, Tem also knows when to achieve his desired effect through sheer, raw, power. There are moments when it's tempting to submit this author might be the world's most softspoken splatterpunk." -- Ed Bryant, Locus

"These are new myths for the weird and dislocated times we live in . . . all [the stories] are excellent, and the best of them stand comparison with the best of any writer working in the field." -- Steve Duffy, All Hallows


High FantasticColorado's Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, and Science Fiction

Nominated for the World Fantasy Award

New and reprint fiction and poetry celebrating the impressive array of writers who live or have lived in Colorado. Contributors include Dan Simmons, Ed Bryant, Michael Bishop, Joanne Greenberg, Don Webb, Anselm Hollo, Pattiann Rogers, Reginald McKnight, Robert Devereaux, Connie Willis, Reg Saner, Ronald Sukenick, and many others.

"One of the most exhilarating anthologies of fantastic fiction in the past 10 years." -- Dorman Schindler, The Des Moines Register



Ombres sur la Route

Ombres sur la Route[Dark Shadows on the Road]

Translated by Alain Dorémieux

Steve Rasnic Tem's first major short story collection was published in French, by Éditions Denoël of Paris, in 1994. Collecting twenty-four of his earlier works, this volume followed numerous appearances in Denoël's dark fantasy anthology series Territoires de l'inquiétude.

"There is one who has struck me with his troubling and disturbing little masterpieces, one who stands out from the rest and who is, in my opinion, the emblematic writer of the eighties, the most impressive and imaginative American fantasy author I have read since Richard Matheson or, for that matter, Lisa Tuttle." -- from the introduction by Alain Dorémieux

"In his style there is as much acuity as there are nostalgia, despair, and compassion. A great author and a great book." -- from L'Écran Fantastique, No. 137, July 1994

"As intelligent as it is imaginative and deeply original." -- Christian Robin, in Courrier Français: The Weekly of the Charente-Maritime, June 1994


The Umbral Anthology of Science Fiction Poetry

Umbral Anthology of SF PoetryNominated for the Philip K. Dick Award for Best Original Paperback.

This ground-breaking anthology collects original science fiction, fantasy, and speculative poetry by many of the pioneers of this unique sub-genre. Separate sections provide introductory glimpses of the poetry of D.M. Thomas, Sonya Dorman, Tom Disch, and Dick Allen. Some of the other poets represented include Brian Aldiss, Ray Bradbury, William Heyen, Marge Piercy, Michael Bishop, Marvin Bell, Diane Ackerman, Gregory Benford, Kathryn Rantala, James Tate, Robert Frazier, Russell Edson, Andrew Joron, William Stafford, and David R. Bunch.





Celestial Inventory chapbookFiction-as-catalog, improvisational narrative, extended prose poem cycle: all have been used to describe Celestial Inventory, the sometimes-horrific, sometimes-comical novella by Steve Rasnic Tem.

"Something out of character, hard to classify. The closest comparison would be to works such as Brian Aldiss' Report on Probability A. It is an "inventory" (door, cotton balls, toys, walls, etc.) which a not named "I" character makes of the environment (a flat, it seems) in which he has imprisoned himself. Through this inventory we learn the various bizarre and fantastic interpretations he gives to the various items while he is dying (?) or passing over into another phase of existence or dimension. Very bizarre, sometimes very striking, often funny or weird/macabre, very fantastic." -- Eddy C. Bertin in Cerberus (Belgium)

"Genuine strangeness from one of our most interesting horror writers." -- Dumars Reviews 14




Decoded Mirrors chapbook3 Tales After Lovecraft

"The sources of horror in Steve Rasnic Tem's fiction are not monsters, but moments of revelation and self-discovery, when characters find their deepest doubts and fears reflected in the world around them. In Decoded Mirrors, Tem . . . explores three different family relationships in which the power of emotional need transforms both the perceiver and the perceived. Through its powerful evocation of personal alienation, this triptych of "tales after Lovecraft" reminds us that Lovecraft, in teaching us new ways to view our world, also taught us new ways in which to view ourselves." -- from the back cover.




ABSENCES: Charlie Goode's Ghosts

Absences chapbookClassic psychic detective stories in honor of such English masters as M.R. James and A.M. Burrage. Published by England's Haunted Library.






Fairtales chapbookThe bedtime stories a children's writer dares not tell his own children. Published by Colorado's Roadkill Press and reprinted in the final hardbound issue of Pulphouse.






Night Visions 1 anthologyEdited by Alan Ryan, this launch of the famous original horror series also included selections by Charles L. Grant and Tanith Lee. It was later reprinted as a Berkeley paperback.





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