Steve's Short Stories

Here are some recent and forthcoming short story appearances. To download a more complete short story bibliography in PDF form click HERE.

"At Play in the Fields," Solaris Rising, ed. Ian Whales

"Back Among the Shy Trees," Shadows & Tall Trees 2

"Bingo Thompson's Flying Cat," Stories from the Hearth, ed. Brian J. Hatcher, Woodland Press

"Cattiwampus," forthcoming in The Devil's Coattails, ed. Jason Brock

"Dying on the Elephant Road," Beneath Ceaseless Skies 54

"El Lagarto," More Tales of Zorro, ed. Richard Dean Starr

"Ephemera," Asimov's SF Magazine, December 2011

"The Ex," Box of Delights, ed. John Kenny, Aeon Press (UK)

"The Figure In Motion," Postscripts 22/23

"Giant Killers," The Pedestal Magazine, #61

"Grandfather Wolf," Werewolves & Shapeshifters, ed. John Skipp

"The Green Dog," Nemonymous 10

"La Mariee," Art From Art, ed. Stephen Soucy

"A Letter From the Emperor," Asimov's SF Magazine, January 2010

"Little One," Unspoken Water 1

"Living Arrangement," Crimewave 11

"Miri," Blood and Other Cravings, ed. Ellen Datlow

"The Old Man Beset by Demons," forthcoming in Exotic Gothic 4, ed. Danel Olson

"Old Men On Porches," Spectres in Coal Dust, ed. Michael Knost

"Pillows," Portents, ed. Al Sarrantonio

"S.D. Watkins Painter of Portraits," Visitants, ed. Stephen Jones

"Shadow," Poe, ed. Ellen Datlow

"Shaggy Dog Story," Blood Lite II: Overbite, ed. Kevin Anderson

"Skree," forthcoming in Cemetery Dance 66

"Skullbees," the Centipede Press edition of Deadfall Hotel

"Telling," The Seventh Black Book of Horror, ed. Charles Black

"Ugly Behavior," Out of the Gutter 7

"Visitors," Asimov's SF Magazine, January 2011

"Waiting At The Crossroads Motel," forthcoming in Black Wings II, ed. S.T. Joshi

"Willie the Philologist," Now & Then, vol. 26, no. 2

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